Consulting Services

URL: The Octalysis Group is a consulting service based in San Francisco, USA, which uses Yu-kai Chou‘s Octalysis Framework.  

Octalysis Group

URL: Enterprise Gamification is a consulting service, blog, and wiki by Mario Herger. It is focused, as the name suggests, in gamification of enterprise solutions, but also includes more general publications and services.  

Enterprise Gamification

URL: Gamification+ is a consulting service and blog by Pete Jenkins based on the UK. Pete is a leading gamification speaker and trainer in the UK and Chair of the International Gamification Federation (GamFed).


URL: Gamification Nation is a consulting service and blog by An Coppens based on the UK. It offers valuable information and a regular feminine point of view about gamification.

Gamification Nation

URL: Gamified UK is a blog and consultancy by Andrzej Marczewski based on the UK. It is a great source of information on gamification, gameful design, and serious games that you should definitively know. Andrzej is a thought leader in gamification and winner of the Gamification Guru of the Year […]

Gamified UK