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Articles, Research, and Consulting on Gameful Design, Gamification, Personalization, User Experience

Gameful Bits is operated by Gustavo Tondello, Ph.D., gamification specialist, researcher, and consultant. If you’re interested in applying gamification to your product, I can help you design personalized gameful solutions to create more engaging applications and experiences. If you’re a gamification or UX professional, I can help you create personalized solutions using the gameful design methods that I have developed.


News and original posts about gamification, gameful design, user experience


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Groups of Gameful Design Elements
Classifying User Preferences for Groups of Gameful Design Elements
I have previously described my research that results in the creation of the Groups of Gameful Design Elements. If you're not familiar with it yet, I highly recommend reading the three-post series starting with the one linked in the previous sentence. In my work, I…
Meet Metablox, a gameful blockchain app powered by real-life memories
Currently, there are many new applications being developed in the "Web 3.0", which means that they store data in a decentralized way using blockchain technologies. One trend is that of "play-to-earn" games. It is an interesting idea. Because the game objects are on the blockchain…
What is Gamification—and other definitions
Although I have been writing on this blog for several years now, I had not yet attempted to provide a definition of gamification because we already had plenty of definitions out there. But our community was recently challenged by Andrzej Marczewski to re-discuss the existing…