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Articles, Research, and Consulting on Gameful Design, Gamification, Personalization, User Experience

Gameful Bits is operated by Gustavo Tondello, Ph.D., gamification specialist, researcher, and consultant. If you’re interested in applying gamification to your product, I can help you design personalized gameful solutions to create more engaging applications and experiences. If you’re a gamification or UX professional, I can help you create personalized solutions using the gameful design methods that I have developed.


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The Effects of Personalized Gamification on Task Performance
In the latest article I published at Frontiers in Computer Science, titled Validation of User Preferences and Effects of Personalized Gamification on Task Performance, I studied how users would react to being able to customize their gameful experience. Additionally, the study also showed that task…
Points and Rewards in Gameful Design
  This week's article brings a detailed review of some of the research about points and rewards in gamification. I started by thinking about points, but then I found it hard to separate them totally from rewards as they are often presented as a form…
Leaderboards in Gameful Design: Their effects, types, and guidelines for their correct use
Like the topic of my previous article (badges), leaderboards are also one of the most used elements in gameful design. But despite the prevalence of leaderboards in gamification, few sources explain exactly what role they fulfill in a gameful system, how users interact with them,…