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Classifying User Preferences for Groups of Gameful Design Elements

I have previously described my research that results in the creation of the Groups of Gameful Design Elements. If you’re not familiar with it yet, I highly recommend reading the three-post series starting with the one linked in the previous sentence. In my work, I have found this model very useful for gameful design. Knowing the different groups of elements that users enjoy easily allows me to consider adding elements from different groups into my designs. This way, I can guarantee that the design will have something that is enjoyable for everyone.

But recently, someone asked me about how to measure their users’ preferred groups of elements, as I did in my research. This made me realize that although the questionnaire could eventually be derived from the long academic paper description, I did never publish a summarized, easy-to-use format. So, here it is now! If you want to use this questionnaire on your work and find out your users’ preferences for the different groups of gameful design elements, please check out this PDF guide.


If you do use this questionnaire or the model in your work, feel free to drop me a note letting me know how it worked. I would love to hear more about how this work is being used out there! ūüôā

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