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Personalized Gameful Design (Gamification Europe 2020)


Several research studies have been showing that personalized gameful solutions can lead to higher engagement and performance. However, personalized gameful design faces two challenges: deciding how to select game elements and activities that are appealing to different users, and deciding how to adapt the experience to each user. In this talk, Gustavo reports on the latest research and his own experience designing personalized gameful solutions. To solve the first challenge (design), he shows how to use the classification of gameful design elements, the gameful design heuristics, and the user types models to create solutions that are appealing to different users. For the second challenge (adaptation), he discusses strategies for customization (letting the user adjust their experience at will) or personalization (having the system automatically learn about the user and make adjustments).

Keynote talk presented on November 23rd, 2020 at Gamification Europe 2020.


About Gustavo Tondello:
Gustavo Tondello is a co-founder, gamification consultant, and researcher at MotiviUX and a Computer Science instructor at the University of Waterloo. With a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction, Gustavo developed and published several methods and tools for personalized gameful design.


Slides and Q&A for this talk: Personalized Gameful Design (Gamification Europe 2020)

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